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6 Month Maintenance Kit

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This package offers a complete 6-month supply of essential items to maintain the utmost clarity and hygiene of your PolarPit System!

The kit includes a set of six filters, which are vital for keeping the water clean and clear. Additionally, it contains a 16oz bottle of Sirona Sanitizer, specifically designed to ensure a sanitized environment for your system.

To maintain the water quality, the kit provides a 32oz bottle of Sirona Oxidizer, which plays a crucial role in keeping the water pure and free from impurities.

Furthermore, the kit includes a 16oz bottle of Alkalinity Up and a 16oz bottle of pH Down, both of which are essential for maintaining the proper water balance and ensuring a comfortable and effective experience.

To help you keep an eye on the water's condition, the kit also includes 25 testing strips, making it easy to monitor and adjust the water's parameters accordingly.

With this comprehensive kit, you'll have all the necessary tools to enjoy a crystal-clear and sanitized PolarPit System for a full six months!