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PolarPit Pro - 1HP WiFi Chiller

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This fully outdoor rated chiller boasts an impressive array of features that promise to redefine your chilling and heating expectations.

With a robust 1 HP cooling system, this chiller ensures powerful performance while maintaining a refreshing temperature. It incorporates a 5-micron filtration system that guarantees crystal-clear water. Additionally, its UV sanitation capability ensures a hygienic and clean environment for your enjoyment. Notably, it can cool down to a brisk 39° within a mere 3 hours and heat up to a cozy 100° in just 2 hours. Moreover, the Wi-Fi enabled temperature control directly from your smartphone creates a customized and luxurious experience tailored to your preferences. The Chiller operates seamlessly with any standard US outlet, making it a convenient addition to your outdoor setup without the need for complex installations. Its dimensions, measuring at a length of 23", width of 16", and a height of 20" (22" with wheels), provide a compact and space-efficient solution for your chilling needs.

Please note that the cooling and heating durations may vary based on factors such as the initial water temperature, external temperature, and ambient heat, ensuring optimal functionality regardless of external conditions.